Tuesday 17 July 2012

Shed loads of style – which shed would you pick?

Today there are outdoor buildings that offer much more than a typical shed – not that there’s anything wrong with a typical shed. Shed designs and other wood framed outdoor buildings now boast real aesthetic appeal, while doing important jobs.

Here are a few outdoor constructs with shed loads of style:

Apex shed
This is the classic shed, as you might imagine at the bottom of a traditional British garden. This kind of shed is still important and works brilliantly as a building for housing tools, fertilisers, plant pots and more.

‘Garden room’
The ‘garden room’ mixes function with comfort, so you can use it for storage but you can also use it as a cosy summer house where you can relax and enjoy your garden in peace and comfort.

Octagonal greenhouse
Perhaps you are looking for a greenhouse. If so, the octagonal, wood framed greenhouse is a great choice. It looks good, doesn’t take up too much space and provides you with a space to grow tomatoes and other treats.

Pirate ship playhouse
If you want to treat the kids they are bound to absolutely love this wooden pirate ship playhouse. In here they can pretend to be sailing the high seas, having swashbuckling adventures, while you know they are safe in your garden. See Sheds Direct for more.

Antiques: Furniture from the past

Antique furniture adds real character to your home.

If you’re looking for new furniture for your home, don’t forget to consider antiques. Furniture from the past looks beautiful and is often just as practical as modern reproductions. The design of antique furniture, together with the knowledge that it has sat in several homes over the past hundred years or more gives it a real edge – and you know that you’ll be looking after it so that you can pass it on to the next generation.

Why choose antique furniture?

Many people opt for brand new furniture when it comes to replacing a dining table, looking for a new bedroom suite or just an occasional piece for a hall or guest bedroom. The appeal of antiques – furniture in particular - is not just its monetary value but its intrinsic value. Handmade, and often fitted with beautiful handles or drawers, decorated with wood inlay, using hidden drawers and catches to release extra storage or shelf space, antique furniture adds warmth and style to your home in a way that many new pieces fail to do. The beauty of many antique furniture pieces is that they can be used for many things other than their original purpose. So, a washstand can be used as an occasional table, a chest may be used as a sideboard and a tall chest of drawers can be used for paperwork in your study rather than socks in your bedroom.

Taking care of antique furniture

You may be worried that the care needed for antiques, furniture especially, may be more than you’re prepared to do. In fact, you rarely need to do much more than you would with a modern piece, and you’ll be given complete advice on how to care for your antique furniture when you buy. Indeed, with good care and attention, your antique piece may increase in value whilst you are using it – something that isn’t often the case with modern furniture. http://antiques.shop.ebay.co.uk/

Brilliant bathroom lights – top 3

If your bathroom is a dull and dim space and you would like to remedy this, you should take a look at the plethora of bathroom lights that are available in shops and online stores.

Here are 3 types of bathroom illumination that could brighten up your room and enhance your home:

Bathroom wall lights
There are various designs of bathroom wall light available and this type of fitting is ideal for shedding a bit of light on your room. This kind of light is great positioned near a mirror, to reflect the light and to illuminate you well when you are inspecting yourself.

Bathroom spotlights
Bathroom spotlights are a great way to brighten up your bathroom, without having light fittings hanging down and taking up space. They can also be focused on different parts of your room, so the light is shared around as you like, creating the perfect ambience.

Recessed bathroom lighting
Recessed lighting is ideal for sleek modern bathrooms where you don’t want the light fittings to stand out, but you still want a bright space. Take a look at bathroom lights from Scotlight Direct to find out more.

House Signs: House Signs – A Background

House signs are so commonplace in everyday life that sometimes we barely even seem to notice them. It’s only when you begin to have a good look around you, you realise that house signs are literally everywhere. So, where do they come from and what is their background?

Signs are, in fact, all around us. They provide us with a way of signalling something to others without speaking and believe it or not, this communication is as important today as it ever was. Through a simple sign next to a road, on a building or on a billboard, you can convey an important message about who you are, where you are from and lots of other vital information, such as danger or aide, to the people around you.

Although house signs do not necessarily convey a message of danger they can be important indicators as to who you are, where you live and even what you believe in. In the past this type of sign may not have been strictly necessary as people tended to live in small communities where everybody knew one another. As the communities in which humans lived began to expand so did the tendency for trade and ultimately travel. It was at this point that it became increasingly important that buildings could be identified – for trade and delivery purposes.  It wasn’t until 1765 however that Parliament introduced new acts outlining the need for street numbering. London was the first place in the UK to introduce street numbers and slowly other cities and towns followed suit.

House names still remain more commonplace in the countryside than they do in urban areas and this is not only due to the fact that rural areas have less houses and smaller communities but also because of the rather grandeur tradition amongst the upper classes for naming estates and halls. The traditional upper class families would name their estates after a battle they had won or a place or famed person or invention they had connections to.
Although houses named in modern day life have little to do with the upper classes, there still remains a popular trend of naming houses and erecting beautiful plaques and house signs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_sign

Garage doors – what are your options?

When it comes to garage doors you may think your choices are limited but there are more garage doors out there than most people might expect.

Here are a few types of door that you could choose to complete your garage:

Steel doors
Steel doors offer security and style and there are loads of patterns to choose from, such as horizontal or vertical stripes, or panels.

Fibreglass doors
Fibreglass is light and strong and so it is perfect for garage doors. There are different finishes that can be applied to fibreglass doors too, from plastic to wood effect.

Timber doors
Timber is a popular choice for garage doors as it looks great and provides good security for your vehicle and possessions within your garage. Various woods are used for these doors, such as quality cedar, and these doors are well protected from the elements so they will last years.

Security doors and shutters
If you are security conscious you might opt for specialist security doors and shutters, which will make sure that your garage is as safe as possible.

Automatic doors
Several of the doors mentioned here can be chosen with automation, so that you can open and close your garage without leaving your car seat.

For more information on garage door options visit www.discount-garage-doors.co.uk.