Friday, 20 January 2012

Bathrooms – Escaping the Hum-Drum

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in the homes that really should allow for a touch of design flair but, more often than not, bathrooms tend to be fairly pedestrian. However, with a few design tips, bathrooms can really be jazzed up.

According to a report on NBC News, many homeowners are growing increasingly disenchanted with their hum-drum bathrooms and are deciding to make some changes to give the room a bit of visual flair. Whether this be in the form of changing the colour scheme, acquiring new bathroom furniture or changing the shower enclosure, many are finding that with a little imagination, bathrooms can be easily transformed from an unappealing room to a welcoming oasis in no time.

Bathrooms – Remodelling or Updating

Bathrooms are generally one of the smaller rooms in the home, so, whether you are remodelling entirely or just updating a few features, it is easy to come up with range of designs that will make a bathroom stand out. According to the report on NBC News, homeowners are increasingly opting to add a splash of colour into their bathrooms and the white on white look is no longer as popular as it once was. Too much white in bathrooms can have the effect of making the room feel quite sterile and oppressive, which is which vibrant colours are increasingly being used in conjunction with white fixtures in order to create bathrooms that are welcoming.

Bathrooms – Style Tips

According to the report on NBC News, there are 3 key features to consider when it comes to decorating, remodelling or updating bathroom suites. These being:

          Furniture – Furniture is a great way to spruce up drab looking bathrooms and is simple to implement. Obviously, larger bathrooms are more conducive to larger pieces of bathroom furniture but whatever the size of your bathroom, you will be able to find some furniture to complement it such as vanity tables, bathroom seating and much more.  are also fantastic.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are the ideal way to generate the illusion of space in bathrooms and liven up the space. Don’t use bland, square, unframed bathroom mirrors. Look for something with a bit more originality and something that will spice up the atmosphere of the bathroom.
Originality – After the core of bathrooms is complete in terms of bathroom furniture and suites, show a bit of originality with the finishing touches. Artwork, for example, is a great way to give bathrooms a more bespoke and intimate feel. You could also have a fish tank, but remember important things like fish tank filters if you do. If you are original you can even save money, with for instance. Ponder your options and invest in a great bathroom.

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