Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Brits Neglect Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to our beds, we Brits need to invest in better quality bedroom furniture and take a little more care over achieving a good night’s sleep with items like a mattress protector.

According to research, the British don’t achieve enough good quality sleep. One of the things that can help you get a good night’s sleep includes a restful, relaxing and peaceful bedroom. Investing in beautiful bedroom furniture will help you create the atmosphere you need, as well as creating a functional, practical space.

Bedroom Furniture for Peace of Mind

One of the most important functions of bedroom furniture is to create a sense of order and calm. Spacious wardrobes and sturdy chests of drawers mean you won’t have clothes strewn all over your room. With the right bedroom furniture you can create a calming sense of order in your bedroom. It’s important that your room is a calming place to be. Clutter can leave you feeling disorganised and on edge. In fact, it isn’t just the type of bedroom furniture you have – where you put your bedroom furniture could have an impact too. In China and the Far East, feng shui is a strong belief system. Aligning your bedroom furniture according to the rules of feng shui can help bring you good fortune and good health.

New Beds, New Life

It may sound dramatic, but new bedroom furniture can literally transform your life. By creating a relaxing boudoir where you can read, sleep and wind down, you are dramatically improving your health and well being. Research for the Future Foundation found that British people don’t sleep as well as the rest of Europe. One in five of us sleep for less than seven hours (eight hours is the recommended rest). Sleep deprivation can trigger ill health and impact on our mental abilities in the day – tiredness is one of the biggest killers on the roads. And studies have shown that poor sleep impacts on our performance at work. Creating a relaxing bedroom with beautiful bedroom furniture, could be one of the best investments you make in your life.

Bedroom Furniture for Beautiful Boudoirs

Sleep can be elusive. If it was just about closing our eyes on a mattress, life would be simpler. But many of us battle with sleep. As well as investing in good quality bedroom furniture, especially a supportive, comfortable bed, here are a few top sleep tips:

  • If you have a poor night’s sleep, take an afternoon doze to catch up
  • Invest in a supportive, comfortable bed and mattress, especially if you have a bad back or achy joints that could wake you up.
  • Consider your bedroom environment – it’s advised you keep your bedroom window slightly open as fresh air can aid sleep
  • Keep your feet warm – cold feet will keep you awake!
  • Leave TVs, computers, mobiles and gadgets out of the bedroom – you need to switch off your mind before bed – read an easy novel or listen to the Shipping Forecast!

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