Thursday, 29 March 2012

Indian Furniture – A Sustainable Choice

Indian furniture is more than just a beautiful choice, it’s a sustainable one too.

If you’re looking for beautiful furniture that adds warmth and beauty to your room, Indian furniture is the right furniture range for you. Indian furniture is crafted from the wood of Indonesia, notably solid Mango wood from sustainable forests. Not only does it tap into the character and spirit of the region, but it’s the right choice to make if you want to make an ethical choice about how you furnish your home.

Indian Furniture – Solid Mango Wood

The solid mango wood used to carve Indian furniture will offer a unique and ethnic character to your home. Mango wood is from the same tree that harvests mango fruit and it is common across South East Asia and Indonesia, with an extensive variety of species in Malaysia. Mango trees offer substantial resources – for their fruit and wood – growing up to 100 feet with trunks as wide as four feet. The wood used for Indian furniture is found at the centre of the tree. Mango wood is coarse with an interlocking grain that adds an individual quality to each piece of Indian furniture.

The Responsible Choice

As a hard and dense wood, the mango tree is perfect source material for crafting Indian furniture – from sturdy beds to solid wardrobes. The wood is treated and seasoned, and the greenish-brown texture is not only easy for furniture makers to work with, it finishes well retraining the diverse shades and hues that make Indian furniture so sought after. Indian furniture can capture the tradition and strength of oak or mahogany, which it often resembles – depending on how the wood is cut to reveal its different grain textures. But unlike most hardwoods like mahogany, mango wood is sustainable and always replanted once cut down. The trees are harvested first for their fruit before used to create Indian furniture, making Indian furniture the responsible choice for consumers.

Indian Furniture – For Sustainability

The mango tree is also prolific across Asia – another reason why it offers a sustainable alternative. The fruit is considered by Hindus to offer sweet, balancing and healing properties. And anyone who experiences the beauty of Indian furniture in their home will tell you about the warmth, elegance and inherent beauty in the wood and of course the styling of Indian furniture.

So whether you are looking for seating, tables or folding patio doors, choose Indian furniture for Eastern style.

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