Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Coffee Tables Create Versatility

Coffee tables offer a versatile way to express your style and personality. TO find out more visit http://www.designsponge.com/

Coffee tables are one thing all home lovers can enjoy. They are versatile, movable, adaptable and portable. Whether you have a mortgage of 20 years or you rent from month to month, anyone can make a house a home with a creative approach and personal touch. Choosing a good coffee table is of course crucial – a coffee table can be a great expression of your style, from the elegance of glass to the earthiness of wood. Whether you choose a modern, minimalist coffee table or an old-fashioned, traditional-style coffee table, you're putting your own design stamp on your living room.

Accessories for Coffee Tables

But it isn't just about getting the style of your coffee tables right. What accessories you use on your coffee tables will also make an impact. You can decide whether your coffee table is going to be the centrepiece of your room or merely a well-thought through corner piece. The point is coffee tables can be as versatile as their owners – you can change the accessories with your moods and with the seasons. Feathering our nests is a very human instinct and the small touches make all the difference. If you feel your coffee table is too bland or too cluttered, here are a few tips to create a beautiful coffee table design:

l  If you are going to use accessories on your coffee tables, use items that really mean something to you. People find interiors interesting because they reveal a little about the person who lives there – whether it's an unusual ornament, a sentimental shell, a moment captured perfectly in a photograph or your favourite coffee table book of all time – make sure what you choose has value and aesthetics.

l  If you're unsure, look around your room and the items your eyes gravitate to and set your heart aflutter could be perfect to put on display on your coffee table.

l  For a uniform display on your coffee tables, group colours, textures or shapes together.

l  If you love gardening, why not opt for beautiful coffee table books on the subject, with a luscious pot plant on top. Or if you love travel, consider a stack of beautifully illustrated travel books topped with a beautiful shell.

l  Bowls filled with pebbles, dried flowers or pieces of gnarled driftwood look natural and earthy on wooden coffee tables.

l  Elegant vases with fresh flowers add an exquisite style to glass coffee tables.

l  For large coffee tables, consider displaying a sculptural piece that you love or that expresses your personality.

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