Thursday, 29 March 2012

Design on a Budget with Pine Furniture

If you’re looking for that wow factor but are on a strict budget, invest in some basic pine furniture and get creative!

If you love wood, but don’t want to spend a fortune, pine furniture is the solution. Pine furniture tends to be more affordable than the hardwoods like mahogany and oak that are not as sustainable (and therefore rarer and pricier) than pine. And pine furniture still offers you that honey warmth and natural beauty that wood inherently owns. If you want to have a home that screams designer flair and will get your friends green with envy, you can get that wow factor on a budget. Check out or top designer budget tips.
Pine furniture is light and neutral making it amenable and flexible for any kind of design and style. If you want to do something that little big special without breaking the bank consider:

  • Creating a feature wall – there are some beautiful, striking, bold and large wallpaper prints out there. But it can be costly to deck the whole room in wallpaper and what’s more it can overpower a room. Wallpaper just one wall as a focal wall (behind a sofa, or where your fireplace is for example).

  • If you have beautiful pine furniture, your room will be light and easy to accessorise. Treat your photos and pictures as art by hanging them in creative ways – group frames together, or choose diagonal lines to create a wall feature.

  • If you have pale pine furniture you can afford to inject some depth and darkness – opt for dramatic, dark colours in the bedroom but keep to brighter shades in your living space.

  • For beautiful one off objects, consider showing them off by putting up a couple of simple shelves to create your own art gallery. Keep it minimal and uncluttered.

  • Pine furniture is flexible so you can afford to make a bold statement in your room. You can do this either by investing in a big canvas or painting for an instant impact; spending your money on a designer lamp that adds angles and shapes to your room; or investing in a beautiful designer lampshade. Curtains are another great way to create a statement – if you’ve seen a fabric you love, make it the centrepiece of your room.

  • If you have pine furniture in your dining room or kitchen, you can inject colour with carefully chosen accessories. Coloured glassware is a fabulous way of transforming a room adding light and colour – perfect for a lively kitchen.

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