Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bedroom Furniture – Making the Most of Small Spaces

If you want to buy bedroom furniture for a small room, check out our top design tips.

It’s easy to think beautiful bedroom furniture will transform your bedroom. And it will. But you need to consider one key issue before you buy new bedroom furniture: space. Buying big pieces of bedroom furniture can ruin the feel of a small bedroom. But you still need sufficient bedroom furniture that offers the right storage solutions and meets your needs. Check out our top interior design tips on how to maximise a small space:

  • One piece of bedroom furniture you should invest in is a mirror – whether it is in-built mirrors in your wardrobe or individual mirrors for your wall. Mirrors help reflect and bounce light and create the illusion of a much bigger space.

  • Opting for light bedroom furniture will help – aim for pale woods like pine – to help create a light, bright space. Add colour with fabrics and accessories.

  • Lead the eye – if you continue the same flooring in your bedroom to the hall or adjacent room, the eye will naturally move to the space beyond giving the impression of more space. Visual tricks can help small spaces appear larger; always make sure the ceiling in your bedroom is a lighter shade than the walls and keep your walls light and neutral, dark colours can make the walls ‘close in’.

  • Some designers opt for tall objects to help elongate a bedroom – tall bed posts or tall bedside lamps for example – or striped paper or blinds to make the room seem taller.

  • As well as keeping your bedroom furniture light, opt for neutral toning with your décor and invest in reflective accessories such as bejewelled bedspreads to help the light bound around the room.

  • Heavy curtains may keep the light out, but they can drown a small bedroom. Blinds will help lift the space.

  • You need good bedroom furniture, but invest in good key pieces – a spacious wardrobe for example rather than lots of different storage facilities. Double up a chest of drawers to work as a bedside table so you don’t overcrowd your room with too much bedroom furniture.

  • Get good lighting – a tall vertical floor lamp for example will help emphasise the vertical effect of a room and draw the attention to its corners, making the room seem bigger.

Clever storage helps – clutter will crowd a small room strangling the space and light. Under the bed solutions can help with linen boxes to store extra shoes, clothes or linen.

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