Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to Organise Your Wardrobes

Organising our wardrobes, chucking out the old and making room for the new, can be a cathartic experience. To find out more visit http://mocoloco.com/

Do you have a woefully inadequate wardrobe that doesn't do justice to your lifestyle? Are your clothes spilling out and crammed to the hilt? Chances are retrieving clothes from your wardrobe is something of a daily battle. Your wardrobe's life needn't be so difficult – it can be colour coordinated, logically ordered, easily stacked, clearly stored and ultimately, easy and accessible. Of course, if your wardrobe is simply too small, or creaking at the seams, you need to invest in a new wardrobe. And once you've got your beautiful, spacious wardrobe complete with bespoke drawers, shelving and racks, you're ready to get a grip on your garments, once and for all.

Improve Your Wardrobe, Love your Lifestyle

If you're tired of your wardrobe, it's time to take a good long look at it. Chuck out the unloved items and start relishing the silk, cashmere, leather and designer labels. Stop buying clothes because they're cheap and start saving for the wardrobe of your dreams.
Reclaiming our wardrobes with a good clear out and sort through is a hugely positive step. In fact, there is something extremely cathartic about tackling creaking wardrobes that are lost in a pile of confusion and delusion. Confusion is triggered by the sheer amount of clothes we have stuffed in our wardrobes. Delusion is triggered by the fact we are holding onto clothes that we fitted into when we were 18, but would barely cover a thigh today. Let go. If you find the idea of rummaging through wardrobes too daunting, here's a good place to start:

l  Take out all the clothes that you don't love. Why wear something that makes you feel a bit less than average?

l  Create three dedicated bags: Designer/ Charity/ Bin. Pick out the clothes that can be sold to designer second hand shops, the items that belong in charity shops, and those that need to be binned. If you have designer clothes you can sell, you may generate enough cash to buy a new capsule wardrobe!

l  Now your wardrobes are pared down, sort your clothes by type – trousers, skirts, tops, jumpers etc – and within each category, divide by colours and colours that co-ordinate well. That will help you choose outfits with absolute ease.

l  When the weather turns, put your winter clothes and heavy coats at the back of the wardrobe or if you have two wardrobes – or a very large wardrobe, split your clothes by season - bringing the current season's items to the front.

l  Invest in decent hangers for your wardrobes. They don't cost a fortune – but wire hangers can leave your clothes crumpled and indented and plastic hangers can break - wooden hangers are far kinder. Investing in rubber non-slip hangers means you won't have to be constantly picking up clothes up from your wardrobe's floor!

l  Wardrobes come with great storage accessories – storage bags for belts, tie racks, and shoe holders. Many people spend a fortune on their kitchens but skimp on their wardrobes – buying a great wardrobe is an investment in your style and can help you maximise your space. 

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