Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bedroom Furniture – A Problem Solved

Scientists have shown that when we sleep we can help solve a problem, so make sure you have a  relaxing room and invest in beautiful bedroom furniture.

Finding the solution to a problem can transform your life. If you are looking for inspiration to change your career, or if you are a creative writer looking for the right plot twist, or even if the crossword puzzle is irritating you like mad, the old adage ‘sleep on it’ could be just the ticket. More people are realising the importance of sleep to their overall well being, and are investing in quality bedroom furniture – especially beds – to help create the ideal sleep environment.

Bedroom Furniture for a Relaxed Space

Scientists have shown that during REM sleep, we are more likely to solve a new problem with lateral thinking. Scientists say that REM sleep can help the brain assimilate new information and past experience to create a rich network of associations for future use – allowing the brain to have flashes of inspiration. More people are waking up to the importance of their bedrooms as restful and relaxing places. Investing in quality bedroom furniture and accessories can help you create a boudoir you can’t wait to retire to!

Bedroom Furniture you’ll Love

If your bedroom is a mess with inadequate storage, it’s not surprising that you can feel stressed out rather than chilled out. Having physical clutter in a room can drain you mentally and leave you feeling unfocused. Good bedroom furniture such as an adequately sized wardrobe and chest of drawers can help you live in an organised and tidy space, helping you focus on relaxation and a good night’s sleep.  

Sort out your Bedroom

If you are trying to solve some problems in your life, maybe you need to start by investing in quality bedroom furniture and creating the ideal sleeping space. As well as a clean, tidy and organised bedroom, opt for low lighting. A bedside table with a lamp is ideal so you don’t have to get out of bed to switch off the lights. Ensure your curtains are thick enough to block out sunlight (black out curtains are ideal) and experts recommend you leave a window slightly open for fresh air which will aid a good night’s sleep. Scientists say sleeping and napping can help boost creative powers, so if you want to find some answers to problems in your life it could be time to give your bedroom a little TLC.
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