Thursday, 19 April 2012

Conservatories – Finding The Right One

If you are interested in receiving the benefits conservatories or pure glass extensions provide you with, then you would be well advised to ensure that you go for the right one. Why not take advantage of some of the tips we have learnt through our years of experience in the conservatories trade.

Conservatories – Finding the One

Conservatories for most people are an investment which needs to be budgeted for and as such require careful planning and consideration. Furthermore, when you consider how much time you put into choosing you house it really doesn’t seem outrageous to spend time considering an extra room added on to the house. Going out and simply buying a conservatory is simply not an option. You need to be looking at conservatories which will blend into the general style and structure of your house both from an inside and outside perspective. Below we offer some of our best tips for ensuring that you get the best conservatory for you:

Location – You need to spend sometime thinking about exactly where you want your conservatory to be and what purpose it will best serve. Should it face the garden? Where will it get the best sun? Which room would it be best to attached to?

Size – You will need to consider what the maximum size would be without needing planning permission. You also need to think about how large the conservatory will have to be to suit your needs. Will it fit in with the general room plan? Measure out the area you are considering and check what furniture will fit within the area. Don’t forget to consider the positioning of the doors

– There now exists an extensive range of conservatories but the question is not just which one do you most like but also which design and shape will best suit the style of your house? Bear in mind that the location of conservatory will affect the design you go for. Large houses and conservatories at the back of houses will allow for the least constrained conservatory designs.

Colour and Material - Would you like a pure glass extension? What colour is the house and the windows and which colour would you like your conservatory to be? The wide range of conservatories on the market is available in a variety of materials and colours. The choice is almost limitless which means that there is no excuse for ending up with a conservatory which is an appropriate colour.

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