Thursday, 19 April 2012

Furniture for Conservatories Tips

Interested in furniture for conservatories? If so then why not first cast an eye over some of our very best conservatory furniture tips below?

Conservatories are being used more and more frequently as an extra room within the house and as such there has been an increase in the demand for conservatory furniture. As a result there is now an extensive range of conservatory furniture available for you to choose from. However, before you rush out buying furniture for your new conservatory you need to consider that conservatories are not like other rooms in the house, they are lighter and sunnier. This means that a different type of furniture is called for and this is why we have devised a list of some of our favourite conservatory furniture tips for your benefit.

Material - Consider opting for rattan, cane or wicker furniture as it will not only look good in a light and airy room but it is also relatively easy to carry out into the garden on a sunny day whilst withstanding a considerable amount of wear and tear. You will also be able to benefit from an extensive range of furniture to choose from, available at an affordable price, as this type of furniture is the most popular in conservatories.

Fabric - Washable, removable furniture covers which are hard-wearing are a must because conservatories are often used as a point of entry to the house from the garden. This inevitably means that dirt, leaves and garden debris will be brought in via the conservatory. If you are able to remove and wash the covers on the furniture you will be able to extend the furniture’s lifespan. Fabric should also be resistant to the effect of the sun’s rays.

Colour – Think about the direction the conservatory is facing. South-facing conservatories will often best suit cool colours such as blues and greens whilst North or East-facing conservatories will look their best when surrounded by warm and vibrant shades.

Ambiance – Consider the ambience you are wanting to create. Conservatories often attract the natural look as they have such a wonderful view of the garden and that is why using natural products within conservatories is so popular. Think about wooden flooring, plants and wooden blinds.

Space – Conservatories are light and airy rooms and best benefit from the feeling of space. Try to avoid going for furniture which is too large or makes the room feel over-crowded.


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