Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Coffee Tables – Good with Wood

Dark wood coffee tables, pine coffee tables, rustic and contemporary coffee tables – a coffee table can be more than a practical addition to your living space.

Wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to coffee tables. Wood is durable, sure, but the main allure of wooden coffee tables is the organic and intrinsic beauty of wood. Of course not all homes suit natural wood coffee tables. If your interior design is minimalist and contemporary for example, you might opt for more modern or synthetic materials. For design that is elegant and sophisticated, glass coffee tables offer a more fitting feature. But wood coffee tables are popular because they not only fit many interior design schemes with their neutral appeal, but because they offer a classic, long-lasting and durable piece of furniture that's functional and practical as well as aesthetic.

Coffee Tables – Timeless Appeal

Humans have worked with wood since time immemorial. As a natural material, wood has been the basis for our furniture and homes thanks to its enduring, natural appeal. In the world of antiques, its the wood coffee tables and furniture that are passed through the generations. Hardwoods such as oak coffee tables tend to be more expensive, but offer a heavier, denser high quality piece of furniture. Softwoods such as pine coffee tables are popular because they are also durable but affordable, with a light, modern style that fits easily into most contemporary design schemes.

Durable Coffee Table

The durability of wooden coffee tables is an important aspect to their appeal – living room furniture is used daily and coffee tables can bear the brunt of lounging feet, hot coffee cups, spilled wine and of course prop up those all important coffee table books. Wood adds beauty to any home, and you can find a huge range of wood coffee tables to suit your tastes, from dark and light woods to traditional or modern coffee tables. Rustic, French or Indian style coffee tables can inject a unique charm and personality. Coffee tables are intrinsic to our sense of relaxation in the home. Hundreds of years ago, coffee houses and tea rooms become popular, and the 19th century saw the low coffee table suitable for resting food and drink become a fixture in the home. Whether you are looking for a coffee table as a practical piece of furniture or as a display piece to rest flowers, candles or coffee table books, you can find a vast array of coffee tables of all sizes to suit your style and space at www.davidphillips.com.

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