Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Interior Design with Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are not only great for bouncing light around a small room, but they can be the perfect addition to any interior design. 

Redecorating can be expensive.  In fact, it is expensive.  No matter how much you try to stick to a budget, it just doesn’t happen.  It’s very easy to insist that you will splash out on the bigger things, and just settle with economy price for everything else – but unfortunately, there’s no formula to the way we shop. With framed mirrors, you can kill two birds with one stone. Choose the right frame and you can create continuity within a room, or even across connecting rooms. 

If you want to achieve fluidity in your home, whilst opening up the space with the trickery of light, choose framed mirrors. Add a mirror to any hallway and it will immediately look and feel more spacious.

Let Natural Light Lead the Way

A small room or a tight hallway can not only be made to appear more spacious, but can also be made to feel more welcoming.  Who wants to walk into a dark, dingy room where there’s no space to even turn around? Well lit rooms can add so much to a property – appeal, ambience, and even market value.  Unframed or framed mirrors can help to reflect natural or artificial light around the room, lighting up those dark corners and crevices that are too far away from a window or light fitting. 

Choosing the right lighting is equally as important, and should work hand in hand with the use of mirrors – frameless or framed.

Mirrors in Every Room

It’s not just the bathroom that requires a mirror.  Most rooms in the home can benefit from the style, practicality and the luminosity of plain / framed mirrors. Not only do they have a functional purpose, but they can also be considered as main décor for the home.  Framed mirrors particularly, can have stunning designs, intricate carvings and embellishments, a variety of colours, washes and finishes.

Why Choose Framed Mirrors?

The look of framed mirrors can add continuity to any interior design.  You can choose from a wide choice of different woods.  Whether your home is adorned with the modern look of pine, or has a more traditional look of dark solid oak, you can find the accessories to make your property complete. 

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