Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Shed loads of style – which shed would you pick?

Today there are outdoor buildings that offer much more than a typical shed – not that there’s anything wrong with a typical shed. Shed designs and other wood framed outdoor buildings now boast real aesthetic appeal, while doing important jobs.

Here are a few outdoor constructs with shed loads of style:

Apex shed
This is the classic shed, as you might imagine at the bottom of a traditional British garden. This kind of shed is still important and works brilliantly as a building for housing tools, fertilisers, plant pots and more.

‘Garden room’
The ‘garden room’ mixes function with comfort, so you can use it for storage but you can also use it as a cosy summer house where you can relax and enjoy your garden in peace and comfort.

Octagonal greenhouse
Perhaps you are looking for a greenhouse. If so, the octagonal, wood framed greenhouse is a great choice. It looks good, doesn’t take up too much space and provides you with a space to grow tomatoes and other treats.

Pirate ship playhouse
If you want to treat the kids they are bound to absolutely love this wooden pirate ship playhouse. In here they can pretend to be sailing the high seas, having swashbuckling adventures, while you know they are safe in your garden. See Sheds Direct for more.


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  4. These are fantastic tips! I just had work done in my garden, and we had an office built out there for us. It’s amazing, super warm and cosy (even in the winter), and lets us look out out the fields to see the beauty in nature.