Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Garage doors – what are your options?

When it comes to garage doors you may think your choices are limited but there are more garage doors out there than most people might expect.

Here are a few types of door that you could choose to complete your garage:

Steel doors
Steel doors offer security and style and there are loads of patterns to choose from, such as horizontal or vertical stripes, or panels.

Fibreglass doors
Fibreglass is light and strong and so it is perfect for garage doors. There are different finishes that can be applied to fibreglass doors too, from plastic to wood effect.

Timber doors
Timber is a popular choice for garage doors as it looks great and provides good security for your vehicle and possessions within your garage. Various woods are used for these doors, such as quality cedar, and these doors are well protected from the elements so they will last years.

Security doors and shutters
If you are security conscious you might opt for specialist security doors and shutters, which will make sure that your garage is as safe as possible.

Automatic doors
Several of the doors mentioned here can be chosen with automation, so that you can open and close your garage without leaving your car seat.

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