Monday, 21 May 2012

Bathrooms – The Battle of the Sexes

Men and women are, the cliché goes, from different planets – and perhaps the room that most illustrates these differences (and battles) are our bathrooms.  To find out more visit

Bathrooms can become much-fought over rooms for couples. The myth is women spend hours and hours in bathrooms, whereas men are in and out. But research shows that the time spent in bathrooms by both sexes is quite similar; although men and women do differ on what they do in their bathrooms. According to research published in the Daily Mail newspaper, women spend six months in a lifetime going to the toilet, with few women wasting time flicking through magazines or reading on the loo. Men however spend an average of three years on the loo in their bathrooms – 40 minutes a day! You'd better make sure you love your bathroom if you're going to give it this kind of attention!

Bathrooms – Men and Women Dividing Time

But if women out there are using this statistic to insist their menfolk take more responsibility cleaning the bathrooms, it's worth considering that although on average men take six months in their lifetimes getting ready, women take two years (a conservative estimate some might add). The average women spends ten minutes in the shower, compared to the 11 minutes it takes a man to shower, shave and do his hair (although that time almost trebles to 32 minutes if he's going on a date). Meanwhile, women are spending an additional 30 minutes in their bathrooms putting on make-up, 24 minutes styling their hair and another 26 minutes decided what to wear and dressing (although not necessarily in their bathrooms).

Bathroom Products not just for Women

As well as time spent in bathrooms, the sexes are always moaning about bathroom products – the idea however that men only have a handful of bathroom products, whereas women are drowning in bottles and make-up is probably true – but men are quickly catching up as the male cosmetic industry continues to boom.

Battles over Bathrooms

With all these battles going on over bathrooms, it's no wonder that research has found that both sexes use their bathrooms as escapism – as a place to go for peace and quiet, a place to think, or as an opportunity to spend time to themselves.

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