Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bathrooms – The Best Seat in the House

For some bathrooms feature the best seat in the house – a place to sit, reflect and read! To find out more visit

Bathrooms are essential in every home, and every bathroom needs a toilet. So if you're going to love your loo, make sure you turn it into the best seat in the house by investing in a luxurious bathroom. In fact, anybody will know the importance of bathrooms if they've travelled abroad. Those who have experienced a hole in the ground loo on holiday, or who have been stuck on a tiny toilet on a train, or god forbid, had a stomach bug abroad with nothing but a smelly toilet in a tin shack to contend with, might very well make sure the toilets in their own bathrooms are more throne-like.

Bathrooms: Toilets fit for a King

Toilets in bathrooms are becoming more minimalist as part of a trend that includes wall-hung loos that hide all the plumbing behind the wall's surface. This is particularly good for bathrooms that have been converted into wet rooms. There are basic wall-hanging loos at affordable prices and designer lavs too. But if you prefer the stability of your loo being hinged to the floor, it doesn't mean you have to opt for an uncomfortable or unstylish toilet. If you want lovely loos in your bathrooms, make sure you opt for high quality materials, a wide toilet seat (wood rather than plastic) and why not funk up your toilet seat with one of the quirky designs? Toilets don't have to be ugly, plastic, white monstrosities.

Bathrooms: Style and Comfort

And remember when it comes to decking out bathrooms, trendy doesn't always equal comfort. Square toilet seats are now fashionable and may look nice but can be the most uncomfortable thing to sit on. You don't have to spend a fortune on turning your toilet into a statement piece, although one toilet designer has done everything from bright pink bathroom suites, carved out of marble costing an astronomical £10,500. But you can get classic design and classic comfort into bathrooms without spending a fortune when you spend a penny.
If you've invested in a new bathroom, toilet or toilet seat, there are some cool accessories you can add to make bathrooms even nicer places to be – designer black loo paper for example is trendy in New York, toilet paper that's scented or has designer logos on is also a trend for 'urban' clientèle.

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