Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bathrooms – Home or Away

Some people love their home bathrooms, others can’t wait to get away and enjoy the luxury of a hotel bathroom. Which do you prefer? To find out more visit

When it comes to this choice of bathrooms, most people would say they love the novelty and luxury of enjoying a hotel en-suite, whilst some say they prefer having all their home comforts to hand. This guide will show you the pros and cons of both, to help you decide which bathroom you’d rather spend more of your time in.

Bathrooms at Home: pros
  • Your own bathroom feels familiar and comfortable, and you can feel completely relaxed here.

  • You know where all your bathroom’s essentials are kept, and have all your beauty products to hand.

  • Provided you’ve taken time to create a bathroom you like, you’ll enjoy the surroundings and décor.

  • You know exactly what’s happened in the bathroom before you’ve used it – any hair down the plug hole will be yours!

Bathrooms at Home: cons
  • If you have a family you’ll either have to queue for the bathroom, or will get a bang on the door just as you’re sinking into a hot bubble bath.

  • Your busy lifestyle means you may not have time to clean the bathroom as efficiently as you’d like, and it could be a little grubby.

  • If you live on a busy street, you’ll have to listen to traffic sounds as you try and wind down in the bath.

  • If anything goes wrong, like a hot water shortage or a blocked drain, you’re going to have to fix it yourself.

Bathrooms in Hotels: pros
  • Provided it’s a good hotel, you’ll have a sparkling clean bathroom to enjoy – and you won’t have to clean it after you’ve used it either!

  • Hotel bathrooms can be a lot more stylish than our bathrooms at home. If you’ve treated yourself to a really swanky weekend break, expect the latest in designer bathrooms suites and fittings, flattering lighting, a huge mirror and a walk-in power shower. In fact, you probably won’t want to leave to go sight seeing!

  • You can spend as long as you like in the bath without anyone disturbing you or needing to use it. And because hotel bathrooms are set on the inside of the room rather than the window side, you won’t be able to hear sounds from the streets outside as you relax.

  • If there are any faults you can call reception and they will fix it for you, so you won’t have to lift a finger. If the bathroom’s really faulty, then you might get upgraded to a better class of room.

Bathrooms in Hotels: cons
  • Obviously you’ll have had to pay for the room and its ensuite, and hotel bathrooms with a touch of class don’t come cheap.

  • Not all hotel bathrooms are luxurious. Many can have tiny baths, temperamental showers, and be on the old and dirty side.

  • You don’t know who’s used the bathroom before you, or what’s gone on in there. It may have been cleaned for your use, but there’s just no knowing.

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