Thursday, 17 May 2012

Janitorial Supplies UK – Making the Grade

Do your washroom facilities make the grade? If not, you need a company that specialises in janitorial supplies.

Like all walks of life, technology has made the washroom a much more pleasant place to visit. Unfortunately, not all companies have taken advantage of the improvement in janitorial supplies, and some UK firms may be providing washroom facilities that are way below the desired standard. This is something that’s easy to change, however, as long as you talk to a professional, experienced janitorial supplies company.

How to improve your janitorial supplies

UK businesses should be aware of their responsibilities towards their staff. Regulations state what facilities should be available in a washroom, and employers should make sure that their washrooms make the grade and their equipment is up to scratch. Vacuums need Vax spares on hand and there should be alternative equipment available at all times should cleaning items break down. In many cases, companies go beyond the statutory requirements and ensure that these communal areas are well provided for, offering a range of facilities including:

  • Automatic air freshening
  • Discreet vending machines
  • Automatic sanitising equipment
  • Baby care facilities
  • Dust control mats

These are in addition to state-of-the-art toilet roll dispensers, top quality soap dispensers and a range of hand-drying equipment. With companies like Chiltern Hygiene offering janitorial supplies across UK, including maintenance contracts so that you can be sure that your washrooms are always in top condition, there’s no excuse for running a second-rate facility. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to sort out this particular area of your business – and at how much difference it makes to the people who work for you and those who visit your offices. Poor washroom facilities can have a negative impact on your staff and upgrading and improving them will help to make your employees more comfortable and happier at work.


  1. Nice post... Thanks for sharing! I agree with you, and I'd like to add one of the most critical point of a business establishment is the cleanliness of the comfort room... dirty CRs and bathrooms can deflate the credibility of an establishment...

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