Monday, 21 May 2012

Branch out and Give Your Garden a Make Over with Artificial Grass

Artificial turf grass is the easy way to transform your average garden into an horticultural haven.

A lazy Sunday can be ruined by the menial task of having to mow the lawn.  However, mowing can now be made a thing of the past by replacing your lawn with artificial grass.  A common question that surrounds artificial grass is why?  Well, there is a multitude of reasons as to why artificial grass is the nicer and cleaner alternative to the traditional turf, especially if you have children. 

Children plus Pets plus Mud equals a Lethal Combination

Every parent knows the amount of washing that can accumulate as a result of playing in the mud.  If a family has pets as well as children than this can be made even worse with muddy paw prints ending up on the brand new sitting room carpet.  If this sounds familiar then artificial grass should be a serious consideration for your home.  Artificial grass looks the same but eradicates the mud aspect meaning you can have a sparkling clean house as well as a constantly fresh looking lawn 

Why Scrap Real Grass for Artificial Grass?

If the sole fact that your house will be saved from an involuntary mud bath is not enough to convince you that artificial grass is the way forward, there are plenty of other reasons why any family should consider switching to artificial grass.  These include:

·         Artificial grass is easy to install
·         It looks the part once it has been laid. 
·         Artificial grass is also clean and safe for children to play on
·         Very easy to maintain
·         No need for watering

Installation of artificial grass is very easy and it can even be laid on slopes making it fitting for most gardens.  As well as this, it feels very soft under foot.  No wonder so many families nationwide are going artificial!

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