Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bathrooms - Welcome to the Bizarre

 Just when you thought that the gadgets found in bathrooms up and down the country couldn’t get any more bizarre or useless; think again. A recent report on looks at some truly odd gadgets for bathrooms including led strip lights.


Gone are the days where having an electric razor in bathrooms would be seen as the pinnacle of gadgetry. A report on takes a look in the bathrooms of some gadgetry inclined homeowners of today and discovers that bathrooms are now one of the most bizarre gadgets filled rooms in the home. Bathrooms are obviously a room that is primed for innovative designs but looking at some of the stranger gadgets to pop up in bathrooms would certainly appear to buck this trend.

Bathrooms - A Question of Taste

Bathrooms tend to be the one room in the home where people let their individuality and design flair run loose and this is often mirrored through the choice of gadgetry that many homeowners stock their bathrooms with. According to the report on, amongst the stranger pieces of gadgetry to be found in bathrooms includes:

·       LED Taps - Many find that bathrooms that boast LED (light emitting device) taps are highly stress relieving and can really add a unique sense of style to a bathroom. The LED’s will illuminate the running water in bathrooms to a colour of your choosing.
·       Toilet Seat Lifter - The ideal gadget in the bathrooms of the lazy homeowners out there. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Namely, lifting the toilet seat automatically so you don’t have to bend over and do it manually.
·       Vibrating Soap - This is surely one of the stranger cleaning implements to be found in bathrooms. This bizarre contraption begins to vibrate when it is removed from its holder and gets to work on aches and pains as you wash. Vibrating soap is becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the UK and USA.

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